Bubblody - the automatic soap dispenser

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Hand hygiene is essential, especially in corona times, but is still difficult to maintain. Bubblody, the automatic soap dispenser with music timer, offers a solution. 20 melodic seconds ensure that adults and especially children wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Thanks to the integrated proximity sensor, the soap is dispensed without contact, thus avoiding unnecessary risks.

In this version, the soap dispenser does not play music, so it is suitable for use in places where many users need soap or disinfectant in quick succession.

The dispenser itself is built for absolute durability, robustness and continuous use and thus fits in your own bathroom but also in kindergarten, schools and other public facilities. Bubblody can be used both as a soap dispenser and as a disinfectant dispenser, depending on what is needed at the current location.

Bubblody - 20 seconds that can make a difference. 

Children drawing: very nasty virus

Better disinfect than not wash at all!

The best way to remove germs is to wash your hands with soap. Where that is not possible, the second best way is to disinfect the hands. This works especially in larger groups.

In the near future, children will be required to maintain hand hygiene when they come in from outside, for example after a long break at school. Then when everyone goes to the sink and wash and dry their hands according to the official recommendations, the class is quickly over. It makes more sense to disinfect your hands with disinfectant. Each child triggers the dispenser and continues.


  • Bubblody soap dispenser (without music timer)

Required: Batteries (4 pcs AA/Mignon), soap or desinfectant (can be used with almost any liquid)